Pure Data





Extended Objects
accumrotate manipulation accumulated rotation
alpha manipulation enable alpha blending
ambient ambientRGB manipulation ambient coloring

circle geometric renders a circle
color colorRGB manipulation colouring
colorSquare geometric renders a square with several colors
cone geometric renders a cone
cube geometric renders a cone
cuboid geometric renders a cuboid box
curve geometric renders a bezier-curve
curve3d geometric renders a 3d bezier-curve
cylinder geometric renders a cylinder
turn on / off depth test
diffuse diffuseRGB manipulation diffuse colouring
disk geometric renders a disk
emission emissionRGB manipulation emission colouring
fragment_program shader load and apply an ARB fragment shader
connect gem objects to the window manager
gemkeyboard gemkeyname
keyboard events in the gem window
gemlist_info information get current transformation of a gemlist
mouse events in the gem window
access to the window manager
glsl_fragment shader load a GLSL fragment shader
glsl_program shader link GLSL-modules into a shader program
glsl_vertex shader load a GLSL vertex shader
hsv2rgb rgb2hsv
convert between RGB and HSV colorspace
imageVertp geometric map luminance to height
light world_light non-geometric adds a point-light to the scene
pix_blobtracker pix analysis blob detector and tracker
rgb2yuv yuv2rgb
convert between RGB and YUV colorspace
linear_path spline_path
reads out a table
model geometric renders an Alias/Wavefront-Model
multimodel geometric load multiple an Alias/Wavefront-Model and renders one of them
newWave geometric renders a waving square (mass-spring-system)
ortho manipulation orthographic rendering
part_color particle system defines color of particles
part_damp particle system change velocity of particles
part_draw particle system draw a particle system
part_follow particle system particle follow each other
part_gravity particle system sets the gravity-vector of the particle system
part_head particle system starts a particle system
part_info particle system gives all available information of all the particles in the system
part_killold particle system kill all particles which are older than the kill time
part_killslow particle system kill all particles which are slower than the kill speed
part_orbitpoint particle system make the particles orbit about the postion x,y,z
part_render particle system draw a particle system
part_sink particle system sets up a sink for the particles within the system
part_size particle system change size of the particles
part_source particle system add a particle source
part_targetcolor particle system change the color of the particles
part_targetsize particle system change the size of the particles
part_velcone particle system sets a cone to be the velocity-domain of new particles
part_velocity particle system sets velocity of new particles
part_velsphere particle system sets a sphere to be the velocity-domain of new particles
part_vertex particle system add a particle at the specified outset
pix_2grey pix converts a pix to greyscale
pix_a_2grey pix converts a pix to greyscale based on alpha
pix_add pix image add 2 images
pix_aging pix apply a super8-like aging effect
pix_alpha pix set the alpha values of an RGBA-pix
pix_background pix separate an object from a background
pix_backlight pix blacklighting effect
pix_biquad pix_movement pix_tIIR pix timebased effect timebased IIR filter
pix_bitmask pix mask out pixels
pix_blob pix get the „center of gravity“ of an image
pix_blur pix deprecated, use pix_motionblur
pix_buffer pix storage place for a number of images
pix_buffer_read pix_buffer_write pix read / write images to a pix_buffer
pix_buf pix buffer a pix
pix_chroma_key pix mix mix 2 images based on their color
pix_clearblock pix clear an image without destroying the picture
pix_coloralpha pix calculate the alpha-channels from the RGB data
pix_colormatrix pix transform the pixel values by a matrix
pix_color pix set the color-channels of an image
pix_colorreduce pix reduce the number of color in the image
pix_compare pix mix 2 images based on their luminance
pix_composite pix mix alpha-blend 2 images
pix_contrast pix change contrast and saturation of an image
pix_convert pix convert the colorspace of an image
pix_convolve pix apply a convolution kernel
pix_coordinate pix set the texture coordinates for a pix
pix_crop pix get a subimage of an image
pix_curve pix apply color curves to an image
pix_data pix get pixel data from an image
pix_deinterlace pix deinterlace an image
pix_delay pix timebased effect delay a series of images
pix_diff pix mix get the difference between 2 pixes
pix_dot pix make dotty images
pix_draw pix draw pixels on the screen
pix_dump pix dump all the pixel data of an image
pix_duotone pix reduce the number of colors by thresholding
pix_fiducialtrack pix analysis fiducial [targe] detector and tracker
pix_film pix source load in a movie file
pix_flip pix flips the image along an axis
pix_freeframe pix run a FreeFrame object
pix_gain pix multiply pixel values
pix_grey pix convert the colorspace of an image into grey
pix_halftone pix fx make halftone patterns
pix_histo pix excerpt histograms of an image
pix_hsv2rgb pix_rgb2hsv pix convert between RGB and HSV
pix_imageInPlace pix source loads multiple image files
pix_image pix source loads an image file
pix_indycam pix create pixes from an SGI video camera
pix_info pix
pix_invert pix invert an image
pix_kaleidoscope pix kaleidoscope effect
pix_levels pix level adjustment
pix_lumaoffset pix offset pixels depending on the luminance
pix_mask pix mix mask out a pix
pix_mean_color pix get the mean color of the current image
pix_metaimage pix display a pix by itself
pix_mix pix mix 2 images based on mixing factors
pix_motionblur pix timebased effect apply motionbluring on a series of images
pix_movement2 pix timebased effect timebased IIR filter for motion detection
pix_movie pix source load in a movie file
pix_multiblob pix analysis blob detector for multiple blobs
pix_multiimage pix source loads multiple image files
pix_multiply pix mix multiply 2 images
pix_normalize pix normalize an images
pix_offset pix add an offset to the color
pix_pix2sig~ pix_sig2pix~ pix convert images <-> signals
pix_posterize pix posterialization effect
pix_puzzle pix shuffle an image
pix_rds pix random dot stereogram for luminance
pix_record pix output write a sequence of pixes to a movie file
pix_rectangle pix draw a rectangle into a pix
pix_refraction pix display a pix through glass bricks
pix_resize pix resize an image
pix_rgba pix convert the colorspace of an image to RGBA
pix_roll pix (sc)roll through an image
pix_rtx pix timebased effect Realtime vs. X tranformation
pix_scanline pix scan lines of an image
pix_set pix set the pixel data of an image
pix_share_read pix_share_write pix read / write pixels from a shared memory region
pix_snap2tex pix take a screenshot and texture it
pix_snap pix snap a pix of the frame buffer
pix_subtract pix mix subtract 2 images
pix_takealpha pix mix transfer the alpha channel
pix_texture pix apply texture mapping
pix_threshold_bernsen pix apply dynamic thresholds to pixes for binarization
pix_threshold pix apply a threshold to pixes
pix_videoDS pix source live video capture with VideoShow (windows only)
pix_video pix source open a camera and get input
pix_write pix make a snapshot of the frame buffer and write it to a file
pix_yuv pix convert the colorspace of an image to YUV
pix_zoom pix zoom the pixels
polygon geometric renders a polygon
polygon_smooth manipulation turn on / off polygon smoothing
pqtorusknots geometric renders a 3d knot
primTri geometric renders a triangle with gradient colors
rectangle geometric renders a rectangle
render_trigger control triggers on rendering
ripple rubber geometric renders and distorts a square
rotate rotateXYZ manipulation rotation
scale scaleXYZ manipulation scale
scopeXYZ~ geometric DSP 3d oscilloscope
separator manipulation
shearXY shearXZ shearYX shearYZ shearZX shearZY manipulation shear
shininess manipulation shininess of the material
slideSquares geometric renders sliding squares
specular specularRGB manipulation specular coloring
sphere geometric renders a sphere
spot_light non-geometric adds a spot light to the scene
square geometric renders a square
teapot geometric renders a teapot
text2d text3d textextruded textoutline geometric renders a line of text
torus geometric renders a torus
translate translateXYZ manipulation translation
triangle geometric renders an equilateral triangle
tube geometric renders a complex tube
vertex_program shader set the ARB vertex shader