Pure Data





Vanilla Objects
& | << >> && || %
logical operators
+ - * / pow
> >= = <= <
relational operators
force a number into a range
max min
greater or lesser of 2 numbers
mod div sin cos tan atan atan2 exp log abs sqrt pow
higher math
mtof ftom dbtorms rmstodb dbtopow powtodb
convert acoustical units
pseudorandom integer generator
wrap a number to range [0,1]
Extended Objects
set numbers behind the comma
scalar multiplication of vectors (=lists of floats)
1/x inv flatspace ggee takes the inverse of the input
about flatspace mjlib delivers a number that is "about" the same as the input number
accum cyclone store, add to, and multiply a number
acos asin atan cyclone arc functions
anal cyclone generates a histogram of number pairs received
attract1 base base3 gingerbreadman henon hopalong ikeda latoocarfian latoomutalpha latoomutbeta latoomutgamma lorenz martin popcorn quadruptwo rossler standardmap flatspace attractors
autocal la-kitchen autocalibrating scaler (for sensors)
autoscale hcs mapping scales a stream of numbers with dynamic input range
average gem-average flatspace markex average together a series of numbers
beta bilex cauchy expo gauss linear poisson triang weibull flatspace maxlib random numbers distribution
breakpoint breakpoint_smooth mapping curves the input range with a double-linear interpolator with 2 control parameters
bytemask debytemask mapping generate / decode a bitmask byte from 8 inlets
capture cyclone store and edit numbers
convert cartesian coordinates to polar
convert cartesian coordinates to spheric
cartopol poltocar cyclone cartesian to polar conversion
catch_extremum catch_extremum2 la-kitchen return the last locals minimum and maximum values
center_point mapping convert 0-1 data into a center point with two 0-1 ranges
circular circular_seat circular_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-circular seat with 1 control parameter
Clip cyclone limit numbers to a range

correlation mapping correlation of 2 different streams
cosh sinh tanh cyclone flatspace hyperbolic functions
cubic_seat mapping curves the input range with cubic curves
curve mapping curves the input range
curve_exp curve_log mapping maps the input range to an exponential / logaritmic curve
curve_fade mapping 3rd order polygone for natural fade
curve_graph mapping maps the input range to an arbitrary curve
db2v v2db flatspace iemlib db to rms conversion
dbtofad fadtodb iemlib convert midi-db to fader scale
deg2hid hid2deg hid conversion [hid]-range to degrees
convert degree to radiant
degrees->mapping mapping->degrees mapping converts mapping – degrees
delta flatspace maxlib calculate 1st or 2nd order difference
diff_n mapping diferentiate the input
distance distance2d distance_n mapping distance from a point and a stream (normal, 2d, Nd)
divide flatspace maxlib like "/" but calculates result when second inlet is changed
divmod flatspace maxlib calculates division and modulo
drunk cyclone output random numbers in a moving range
elliptic elliptic_seat elliptic_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with 2 ellipses
exponential_curve exponential_seat exponential_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-exponential seat
expr vanilla expression evaluation
f2note flatspace iemlib converts frequency to notes + cents
fadtorms rmstofad iemlib fader scale to rms
ffpoly creb flatspace finite field polynomial
fir iir mapping filters
fir_filter la-kitchen fir filter with coefficient list
fir_hip_n fir_mean_n la-kitchen fir high / low-pass filter with order n
funbuff cyclone store x,y pairs of numbers together
fwarp creb flatspace tangent warp frequency
gaussian mapping generate gaussian curve
hid_average hid_smooth hid smooths a stream of numbers through weighted averaging
hid_centered hid convert 0-1 to -1-1
hid_cube hid_cuberoot hid_exp hid_log hid_square hid_squareroot hid maps the input range to the chosen curve
hid_graph hid draw an arbitrary curve, which is applied to the input range
hid_invert hid inverts the stream of numbers
hid_lowpass hid smooths a stream of numbers through audio conversion + lowpass filtering
hid_polar hid converts cartesian to polar coordinates
hid_spiral hid converts cartesian to spiral in polar coordinates
hid2rad rad2hid hid conversion [hid]-range to radians
Histo cyclone generates a histogram of the received numbers
history flatspace maxlib calculates the average of the items (floats) that came in within the last N miliseconds
iir_hip iir_lop la-kitchen iir high / low-pass filter
invert flatspace markex non-zero numbers to 0, 0 to 1
limit flatspace maxlib limits input to lie between boundaries
list-accum list-abs add all floats in a list
list-add list-abs add two lists element by element
list-centroid list-abs calculates the centroid of a mass of a float-list
list-dotprod list-abs dot-product of two float-lists
list-emath list-abs do math on float-lists element by element
list-equalize list-abs scale a float-list so that all float elements sum up to 1
list-geometric-mean list-abs calculate the geometric mean of a float-list
list-harmonic-mean list-abs calculate the harmonic mean of a float-list
list-inter list-abs elementwise linear interpolation between two float-lists
list-inter-many list-abs elementwise linear interpolation between several internally-stored float-lists
list-invint list-abs inverse intervals of a float-list
list-math list-abs simple mathematical operations on lists
list-mean list-abs calculates the arithmetical mean of a float-list
list-minmax list-abs find minimum and maximum in a float-list
list-mult list-abs multiply two float-lists
list-normalize list-abs normalizes a float-list
list-round list-abs round all numbers in a float-list to a nearest multiple
list-sub list-abs subtract two float-lists element by element
list-unitvec list-abs normalize a float-list geometrically
logistic_sigmoid mapping curves the input range with a double-exponential seat
mandelbrot ext13 flatspace z=z*z+c
mavg flatspace zexy moving average filter
max_n min_n la-kitchen return the maximum / minimum from the last n values
maximum cyclone output the greatest in a list of numbers
mean cyclone find the running average of a stream of numbers
mean flatspace zexy get the mean value of a list of floats
minimum cyclone output the smallest in a list of numbers
minmax flatspace zexy get minimum and maximum of a list of floats
minus flatspace maxlib like "-“ but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
mlife flatspace maxlib cellular automata object
mtosr bsaylor flatspace converts MIDI note value to samplerate
multi flatspace maxlib like "*" but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
n2m flatspace mjlib note to midi
notescale hid scales a stream of numbers to MIDI note numbers
offer cyclone store x, y pairs of values (x is int only)
one_n la-kitchen returns 1 if the last n datas were non-zeros
past cyclone report when the input decreases beyond a certain number
Peak cyclone output only numbers greater than the previous
pi hcs value of pi as accurate as Pd can manage
plus flatspace maxlib like "+" but calculates result when leftmost or second inlet is changed
convert polar coordinates to cartesian
convert polar coordinates to spheric
prime flatspace zexy prime number detector
convert radiant to degree
randomF randF flatspace markex floating point random number
range deprecated flatspace like [scale]
ratio creb flatspace multiply by 2^k so result is 1<=r<2 (transposer)
rewrap flatspace maxlib wraps floats back and forth into a range
rms to fader characteristic
round_zero flatspace iemlib round numbers near zero to zero
scale input from a certain input range to lie between output boundaries
seuil_n la-kitchen returns 1 if the difference between the current sample and the sample n before is up to the threshold value
shuffle flatspace motex no-repeat random number generator
convert spheric coordinates to cartesian
convert spheric coordinates to polar
steady ekext flatspace takes stream of numbers, outputs max, min, through
sum flatspace zexy sum the elements of a list
Through cyclone output only numbers smaller than the previous
triple-scale list-abs interpolate linearly between two points
tripleRand flatspace markex three random numbers
v+ v
v* v/ math on a list of numbers
wrap the float input between to boundaries
wrap maxlib_wrap flatspace iemlib maxlib wraparound
zero_n.pd la-kitchen returns 1 if the last n datas were 0
scale von pdjimmies