Pure Data





Vanilla Objects
send note-on messages and schedule note-off for later
notein ctlin pgmin bendin touchin polytouchin midiin sysexin
MIDI input
noteout ctlout pgmout bendout touchout polytouchout midiout
MIDI output
take note-off messages out of a MIDI stream
Extended Objects
beat flatspace maxlib beat tracker
Borax cyclone reports current info on note on/off
borax flatspace maxlib analyse incoming midi notes
chord flatspace maxlib tries to detect chords
flush cyclone provide note offs for held notes
gestalt flatspace maxlib gestalt detection for monophonic melodies
m-i jmmmp automatic conversion of MIDI controller
midiflush cyclone send note offs for all hanging notes in a raw midi state
midiformat midiparse cyclone de/construct midi messages
mk jmmmp fast visual control of MIDI inputs
pitch flatspace maxlib get info about pitch
rhythm flatspace maxlib detects the beat of rhythmic patterns
score flatspace maxlib score follower that tries to match incoming MIDI data to a score stored in an array
sustain cyclone hold note offs and output them on request
xbendin xbendin2 xbendout xbendout2 cyclone extra precision midi pitchbend objects (14 bit)
xnotein xnoteout cyclone interpret midi messages with release velocity