Pure Data





Vanilla Objects
send „bang“ automatically when patch loads
serial device control for NT only
send Pd messages over a network
listen for incoming messages from network
text-based sequencer
read and write textfiles
„open“ dialog
„save as“ dialog
collection of numbers
MIDI-style polyphonic voice allocator
key keyup
numeric key values from keyboard
symbolic key name
set search path and/or load libraries
Extended Objects
hid hcs HID protocoll reader
classpath hcs returns each path in the global classpath
import hcs loads libraries from the path to local namespace
parazit gnd a patch for disrupting other patches using internal messages
netclient flatspace maxlib simple client that connects to netserver or to pd's native netreceive object
netdist flatspace maxlib distribute data to several netreceive
netrec flatspace maxlib ?report of netsend connections?
netserver flatspace maxlib netclient
getenv flatspace motex sends value of an environment variable argument on bang
init ii flatspace iemlib initialize anything by loadbang

iem_pbank_csv flatspace iemlib parameter-bank with csv-syntax

msgfile flatspace zexy read and write messages into text files
operating_system flatspace zexy get the current OS
a hierarchical storage
stripdir flatspace ggee strips all leading directories from a path
system flatspace motex send a system message to the console
vbap ggee vector based amplitude panning external
external for using Wacom tablets on Windows
ENV cxc flatspace get and set environment variables
proc cxc flatspace interface to the linux proc filesystem
comment cyclone text comment with some formatting options, meant to be Max/MSP compatible
mousefilter cyclone passes numbers only when mousebutton is up
MouseState cyclone report mouse x/y/deltax/y and buttonpress
linuxevent deprecated flatspace outputs raw events from the linux event system
linuxmouse deprecated flatspace takes events directly from a linux event device
filesize fsize ext13 flatspace gives size of a file
wavinfo ext13 flatspace get samples, channels, bitspersample, amplerate of a file
beatpipe flatspace event scheduler / quantizer
comport flatspace serial port interface
folder_list flatspace hcs listing of files based on a wildcard pattern
getdir flatspace ggee get the directory this patch is operating in
ifeel flatspace hcs control the pulse of an iFeel mouse
image flatspace ggee incorporate images
openpatch opa flatspace open a patch file
popen flatspace shell commands
popup flatspace iemlib popup menu
shell flatspace ggee run commands in a UNIX shell
failsafe hcs turns off dsp and / or quits pd
file_type hcs find the file type of a file
gid->group_name group_name->gid hcs convert group name <-> GID
group hcs fetch password data based on a UID or group name
passwd hcs fetch password data based on a UID or username
stat hcs gets information about files
uid->username username->uid hcs convert group name <-> GID
version hcs version of the currently running Pd
joystick hid use a joystick device with Pd
keyboard hid use a keyboard device with Pd
keygate hid mapping simple keyboard-controlled gate
mouse hid use a mouse device with Pd
datei-l datei-o jmmmp send the message „open ...“
datei-r jmmmp send the message „read ...“
datei-w jmmmp send the message „write ...“
pd-colors jmmmp Tcl/Tk and data structure's color palettes
gui-edit jmmmp GUI-editor abstraction
oscD jmmmp counts received OSC messages
oscS jmmmp interface for [sendOSC]
tastin jmmmp gate for keyboard input
keybang keyboardkeys key bang GUI
keytoggle keyboardkeys key toggle GUI
keyupdown keyboardkeys increase/decrease of any value GUI