Pure Data

Pduino Light Sensor

Below images show a basic photoresistor sensor connection with  Arduino board. In this circuit 5V power, ground and Analog in 0 pins are used. After you build up the photoresistor circuit below, simply by blocking the amount of the light that photoresistor receives, you can change the value of the electric current in this circuit and you can receive the value changes in the above Pd patch.














Because in this circuit there is only one analog sensor and it is connected to the Arduino Analog in 0 pin, if you connect a0 number box output to a [send] object, you can receive the sensor data in different Pd patches as well. Just a reminder, you should use the same target name in both [send] and [receive] objects.


Below Pd patch example receives the photoresistor sensor data to control the amplitude value and the central frequency of the bandpass filter.



These are the basic examples for Pduino library; however arduino-test.pd includes other type of sensor connections through [arduino] object.