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Center for Independent Journalism

Some great manuals on Sound Editing, Sound Effects, Turning Sound Online, Sound Editing (advanced), Setting Up a Station and a Studio, Designing a Website


Good site for some tips and tricks, especially if you use Dyne::bolic 


MuSE (Linux / OSX)

The best audio encoder for Linux.

Oddcast (Windows)

Great plugin for encoding Ogg and MP3 using Winamp.

ostream (Windows / Linux)

A cool ogg encoder that runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, and MacOSX.

oggment (Linux)

 An interesting tool which can encode a single audio source into a real stream and a ogg stream simultaneously... made by August Black (radio/software/media artist)... there are some other interesting tools on this site too

oggcaster (Linux)

 A plug-in for xmms to stream ogg files to icecast2... looked interesting but i couldn't get it to compile... I think there was quite some activity on the development side, so it might be fixed soon... if doing encoding this way is your thing then don't forget the excellent xmms-oddcast plug-in (for icecast2) and the liveice plug-in (for icecast1 only) - both of which are available from the xmms ( website in the plug-ins directories

Soma (Linux)

A very interesting set of tools... sound daemon, player, encoder and scheduler... ate a whole lot of my cpu and wasn't so nice with the crossfades, otherwise i might have used it...

darkice (Linux)

A very light weight, easy to deploy command line live mp3 streamer. You may also wish to look at the GUI interface, which you need to install seperately, it's called darksnow.

liveice (Linux)

Encoder for icecast1. Command line

IceS (Linux)

Command line encoder for icecast1 and icecast2

Oddcast (Windows)

A great plugin for XMMS that allows you to stream MP3 or Ogg. It can be tricky to install as it requires WXWindows.

MPEG4IP (Linux)

A great how to for mpeg4ip streaming to a Darwin Server


VLC (Windows / Linux / OSX)

The all purpose cross-platform media player. Does much more too...

zinf (Windows / Linux)

A many featured player but couldn't see the advantage over xmms (my preferred gui player) except that it has a built in streaming encoder/server.

soundplay (beOS)

This is good if you have beOS (i thought it was for linux at first)... comes with a built in streaming server....

snackAmp (Linux/ Windows)

A hugely featured gui player... almost too many features... has a built in web-server for remote control, and a built in streaming server... I would have used it for the project I was researching if it could work as a command line interface.

sonic-rainbow (Linux)

This looks nice and simple but i havenever tried it... it plays video too

impish (Linux)

This looked like a very sophisticated command line player but alas it has no crossfade and I couldn't get it to compile.

xmms (Linux)

This is my favorite player if only because it does so much

mplayer (Linux / Windows / OSX)

This is more a video player but also support audio. You can run it with or without a gui

Embedded Players


Flash Mp3player

Make your own flash mp3 player


Flash Video Player (open source)

Streaming Servers


The best audio server on the net.

An excellent Icecast Howto from Kerry Cox

Quicktime / Darwin Streaming Server

An excellent how-to for Quicktime Streaming Server, it also covers embedding Quicktime, compression, relaying streams etc

A great quick how-to for Darwin and VLC (as a server) on Linux


Looks good... haven't tried it


Python streaming server


A php based daemon


An excellent streaming server with source clients and re-streamer... ultra stable


A small streaming server


This allows streaming of files stored on your 'server'


Another streaming server, also supports ogg

Software Repositories


The home of really good streaming software for Linux.


A great home for streaming tools for Windows and Linux.


If you don't know it you are guaranteed to spend the next x hours browsing it.


Repository for many softwares.

Version Tracker

Good for MacHeads.


Who said I don't look after oldie but still useful, especially for Windows users.


Good old GNU roll your own software repository for GPL software.

Open Content Repositories, otherwise known as the 'Internet Archive' is a place where you can store all your archived streaming files for free. The material must be licenced under Creative Commons or released to the public domain.

Free hosting of media content for 'grass roots' media. Also for creative commons or public domain content


Independent and activist media content storage (in ogg theora)

cc mixer

Sharing of audio samples licenced under creative commons

Digital Audio and Codecs

Information on Formats

Good article on codec comparisons

ARS Technica Codecs

Good article on the difference between average, constant and variable bitrate codec settings

Free Codecs


The home of free codecs.

ogg vorbis and theora

Information about free audio codecs and third party applications.

Very good posting on OGG

An embeded ogg java player

Good Howto for streaming Theora to Icecast2


Open Source codec mostly used for ripping and playing DVDs.


Upcoming free video codec developed by the BBC

MP3 Patents

Good detailed information on MPEG related patents

Licencing Content

Creative Commons

Alternative content licencing models.

Licencing Software

Free Software Foundation

What is FLOSS?

PD Streaming Externals

A complete list:

Peer2Peer Streaming

If you want a peer2peer Ogg streamer (ogglive~) for Windows and Mac OSX versions of PD then go here:

Speex, MP3, P2P

Speex Codex external (Speex~) for Linux and MP3 streaming externals (Mp3cast~) for Windows and Linux (includes a MP3 peer2peer external - mp3live~ ) versions of PD available here:


If you want Ogg streaming for PD then you can get the pdogg~ externals in an installed version of pd-extended or by installing the pd-externals package, both are available from here:

MAX/MSP Streaming Externals


Shoutcast external for streaming MP3 from MAX/MSP:


If you want Ogg streaming for MAX then check here:

Transcoding and Ripping


A good guide to transcoding using Linux and Mencoder

Ripping Guides

A good DVD ripping guide for Linux a good how to for creating MP3s (for the slightly geeky)

Video Editors (GPL)


The best I've seen for Linux

There is also a very good beginners tutorial for Jahshaka here:


Under Development


Good but you need lots of screen space

Cinelerra Tutorials


Great editor


Some good notes on editing video on Linux The same site has a great section on CD and DVD authoring under Linux


History of MP3

A brief overview of the most popular audio format on the net.

Low Tech

Great spot to learn more about software and hardware if you are in the UK.

Your Machines

Cultural event and ongoing research/writings about free software.


Play Ogg on your mobile phone

Googles beta video search

Using the VLC plugin for replay of content....


Experiment with collecting and transcoding (to flash) most commonly linked video content


The Streaming Suitcase does various workshops including streaming, PureData, open source audio, linux etc. Workshops and resources by these people are also highly recommended:

Julian Oliver

Blender and gaming workshops (etc)

Derek Holzer

PureData and open source audio workshops (etc)

Tetsuo Kogawa