Bookshare Reader


Bookshare Reader offers the ability to get the contents from non-Bookshare catalogs.

Caution: We have not made the Other Catalogs Section accessible yet.

From the “Main Menu” select “Get Books from other Catalogs”. You will be presented with “Other Catalogs” menu.

In the “Other Catalog” menu you can search books in all catalogs, access an existing catalog or add a new catalog.

Search Books in other catalogs

When you click on Search in the Other Catalogs menu, you will be presented with an edit box where you can type your search keywords. You can scroll up and down in the search result and click enter to select a title.

Free books will present you with an option to download the books. Paid books will give you an option to buy the book or read a sample. 

Navigate to an existing catalog

You can scroll down the “Other Catalog” menu to select an individual catalog. When you click a particular catalog you will be presented with their search/browse menu.

Add Catalog

You can add a custom OPDS catalog through this menu option. To be able to add a catalog successfully you either need to enter a URL or scan for OPDS files on your network.