Encrypt your Email with GPG

About this Workbook

This workbook is designed to complete specific goals with Thunderbird by providing you with information on how to  use the software. This workbook is not aiming to be a complete manual. There is a great online manual online at http://en.flossmanuals.net/thunderbird.

This workbook is arranged in to groups of chapters called a challenge. Each chapter lists a specific task and gives detailed instructions on how to perform it. 

The challenges are designed to be as self contained as possible to make it easier to reuse this material. We imagine that the material in the workbook will be useful for some of the following;

  • creating online courses, eg in Peer to Peer University http://p2pu.org
  • as printed handouts
  • as html pages to be included in other websites
  • included in other manuals on related subjects eg Online Security

Contributing to this Workbook

If you are an educator or if you use this Workbook in other ways and would like to help improve or maintain this resource then please sign up to the Flossmanuals discuss email list and introduce yourself.