Grabbing Stills of Video Files

Software name : VLC
Software version  : 0.8.6

An interesting screenshot of your video is easy to make.

First play the video/dvd till it get to the bit you want and pause it.

vlc screenhost

On the top toolbar choose VIDEO and then SNAPSHOT


By default this copies an image file of the screen shot to "my Pictures" folder as a png file on Windows, and similar directories on Mac and Linux.

If you look under settings you can choose what file type you want to output and where to put the file and name it.

vlc preferences

Select Settings > Preferences from the top VLC menu.


Then Click on the Video entry on the left menu of the Preference box. Scroll down to the Snapshot section. YOu wil see you can change the directory where images are saved, the first part of the file name, and how to number the shots you create.

Below is as screenshot of how I would change the settings to suit me.


You may want / need to resize the screenshot of your video. I would suggest using the GIMP image programme.