Streaming playlists with MuSE

Software name : MuSE?
Software version  : 0.9  

Instead of working with a live input you can choose to stream pre-recorded material with MuSE. To do this please first configure MuSE as discussed in the last section and then follow these two simple steps. 

Loading the playlist

So, lets look at the original window: muse_1.jpg

If you want to play pre-recorded material, then you will need to create a playlist with MuSE, which is easy... the first step is to make sure the big 'speaker' button is pressed down.

Once you have pressed the speaker button, then 'right-click' on the white colored window space and choose 'add file'... then browse to a MP3 file on your harddisk (or any format audio file) and add it to the playlist

Do this as many times as you want... then when you are ready we can start streaming.

Starting the stream

If you have chosen to play a playlist, then highlight one of the tracks and press the play button, and return to the preferences window by clicking on the button at the far right, and press 'connect' on the configuration panel... thats it!!!