Creating a stream avatar

The easiest way to make your stream appear on an UpStage stage is to create a stream avatar. This avatar is created in the same way as a normal avatar, from the Add Media section of the Workshop interface:

  1. Click Add Media.
  2. Select Avatar from the media type dropdown menu.

    Adding a stream avatar
  3. Give the avatar a name, tags, and select a voice if you want.
  4. Check the "Enable streaming?" box.
  5. In the "Stream server" field, enter the rtmp address of the streaming server you will be using.
  6. In the "Stream name" field, give the stream a name.

    Adding a stream avatar
  7. Assign the avatar to the appropriate stage(s).
  8. Click Add Media.

You must have the exact same stream server and stream name information entered in whichever streaming application you use.

Stream as part of a graphic avatar 

It is possible to have an avatar that is both a static or animated graphic AND a stream. To do this, once you have entered the stream information as described above:

  1. Select the radio button "Upload your own image(s)"
  2. Select the appropriate number of frames. 
  3. Browse to the image(s) on your hard drive and select.
  4. Assign the avatar to the appropriate stage(s).
  5. Click Add Media.

Note that this means the stream will be visible behind every frame of the avatar, unless you are not actually streaming anything.

Adding a stream avatar 

Now go to your stage and start your stream in order to see your stream avatar; remember that you must assign the avatar to a stage before you can see it!