Software name : Avidemux
Software version : 2.4

When processing video files you might want to add a deinterlace filter. This would be appropriate if you had a video that was edited from a DV camera and is still interlaced. If we create a DVD that isn't played on a standard TV then we might see the effects of the interlacing which will look like strange horizontal lines through the video.

If you don't know what the effects of interlacing are you can see them in the screen shot below (most clearly visible on the face of the man at the top left).


We can remove this unwanted effect by adding a deinterlace filter.

To do this click on Filters under the Video section.


Then click on the Interlace tab, and select yadiff.


Then click on the '+' sign at the bottom of the window :


You will then be shown a pop-up window like this:


Click 'OK' to the default settings shown, and Yadif should appear on the section on the right :


It's important that the deinterlace filter is the first filter you add.

Then click Close on the bottom right of the screen :


When you save the file the filter will do its work deinterlacing the video.­