Collaborative Futures

Things we ended up not including

Some of these were out of scope, some we didn't have time to include. All could become in scope for a future edition, to be evaluated by future collaborators. 

  • Crowdsourcing & Mechanical Turk
  • Internal collaboration in for-profit businesses
  • Relative maintenance efforts of collaborative and free culture projects
  • Interns
  • FLOSS zealotry and License fascism and Free Culture as an atheistic faith
  • Free Culture posturing, and not walking the talk
  • Scaling collaborations
  • Tolerance of errors
  • The pain of confronting ideologies
  • How to collaborate with people you don't agree with
  • Ego
  • Resilient communities
  • Previous sprint-like collaborative writing projects (Unnatural Acts)
  • Freedom to vs. freedom from (bottom-up vs. top-down) and the seamless transition between the two (forks and merges)