Evergreen in Action

Getting more help in the community

The Evergreen community is constantly growing. There is already a strong community of enthusiastic contributors and a wide range of ways to connect with them both to get help and to give help.

For a lot of helpful information on Evergreen

The first, best place to start is The Evergreen Project web site at http://www.evergreen-ils.org.

There you will find links to information about: 

And more!

    Participate more actively in the community, ask questions and get answers 

    There are quite a few mailing lists that you can join that deal with various aspects of Evergreen. See all the available lists at - http://evergreen-ils.org/listserv.php. A couple good places to start are:

    You can also connect directly with many tech-savvy people working on Evergreen through the Freenode Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Network on channel #evergreen. The #evergreen channel is not just for developers or system administrators, but is for any user who has questions about Evergreen or who just wants to say "hi".

    You may use an IRC client to connect to this channel or you can connect through the web gateway at http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=evergreen.  Activity in the channel is highest from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

    Stay up to date on current work

    Visit the Evergreen section of Launchpad to track development, reported bugs, fixes, and enhancements. Launchpad is a collaborative software development platform used by Evergreen developers to manage development work being done on the software.

    • Go to https://launchpad.net/evergreen 

    What's next for you?

    Friendly interaction seems to be a hallmark of members of the Evergreen community. You are welcome. There is a communication channel for you (or more than one) within the community and no doors are closed.

    As you begin your work with Evergreen and interact with other members of the community, you will become known and will be valued for what you do. 

    You will play your part in the ongoing development of the software. Setting up and running an Evergreen system will provide you with many opportunities to connect with other members of the Evergreen community. This may be through reporting bugs, through writing or fixing software, through creating documentation, to becoming an advocate for Evergreen to the wider library world.