Evergreen in Action


Thanks, first and foremost, to the Google Open Source Programs Office for providing us with food, shelter, transportation, and internet access during the Doc Sprint. Carol Smith's attention to details made it possible for us to concentrate on our task at hand.

Allen Gunn from AspirationTech shook us up and put us back together as a determined team with his energetic facilitation efforts. Adam Hyde of FLOSS Manuals helped guide us through what would otherwise have been a grueling process with his gentle encouragement and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Bradley Kuhn of the Software Freedom Conservancy for coordinating the financial details for the Evergreen project's participation in the Doc Sprint.

We would especially like to acknowledge the assistance of members of the Evergreen community who stepped up to answer our questions, provide sage advice and unstinting support. Without them, and the many others who contribute to Evergreen in many different ways, we would not see the high level of progress that our community continues to show.

Ben Shum and Jason Stephenson graciously agreed to let us reuse parts of their circulation and holds presentation for examples and screenshots, without which the corresponding chapters of this book would have been impoverished. Similarly, we were pleased to draw upon some of the rich material that the Evergreen Documentation Interest Group has written. Thanks to all of you for your exemplary spirit of sharing!

Finally, we cannot thank our families enough for enabling us to participate in this project. Your sacrifice has enabled us to create this manual.