Non Stripped Binaries

Non stripped binaries include debugging information and tend to be larger in size. Depending on the user's environment a non stripped binary could be unfavorable. Generally, the average desktop user does not need to be concerned with this feature. Instead, it is more useful to developers and those that prefer to compile their software. Often the extra debug information is not needed, and a considerable amount of drive space can be freed by removing this. Be aware that damage to the system can occur if the user is not careful.

Graphical Interface

 In this example, the program zabbix_get was purposefully compiled to contain debugging information.

When the 'Search $PATH' checkbox is enabled, FSlint will search the users $PATH for non stripped binaries. This is particularly useful to administrators who wish to keep their executables free from debug information. If any executables are found, they can be stripped of the debug information by highlighting the executable and selecting the 'Clean' button.  Be aware that damage to the system can occur if you are not careful.

Command Line interface

The command line interface to this utility is 'findns'. This utility will be found in the installation directory of fslint.

$ /usr/share/fslint/fslint/findns --help
 find NonStripped executables.
 Usage: findns [[-r] [-f] paths(s) ...]

 If no path(s) specified then the PATH is searched.