Other Command Line Tools

These tools are not yet implemented in the FSlint graphical interface, yet they can be valuable assets for administrators or advanced users.

Find Redundant Libraries

FSlint provides the utility 'findul' to find any redundant or unused Libraries.

$ /usr/share/fslint/fslint/findul --help
 Find possible redundant (Unused) Libraries.
 Usage: findul

 Note BE SURE you know a library is not needed before deleting it.
 For e.g. this tool doesn't recognise libraries that are only referenced
 at runtime (for e.g. plugins).

Find Wasted Space in EXT2 Entries

FSlint provides the utility 'zipdir' to reclaim any wasted space in a EXT2 directory entry. As most newer distributions do not use EXT2 by default for their file system, the average user will not need to concern themselves with this utility.

$ /usr/share/fslint/fslint/zipdir --help
 Shrink Directories.
 Usage: zipdir [[-r] paths(s) ...]

 NB make sure that you don't process directories that are
 being referenced by running processes, as this utility
 will move directories from their current locations (for
 a small amount of time). Run only in single user mode
 if you are not sure of the consequences.

 If no path(s) specified then the current directory is assumed.