Video Settings

You may want to change the Video Settings to have a file of a more exact output type.


The Video Settings section is at the bottom of the default screen of Handbrake. You should be able to see it by clicking on the Video settings tab as show below.


You can then make some alterations to the video encoding options.

For example you can set at Target Size for a video in Megabytes or as kilobits per second (kbps).

For a 10 minute video you may want to set a limit of 100M. You would do this by entering '10' in the 'Target Size' field :


2 Pass Encoding

This process of 2 pass encoding takes longer but produces a better result. The first pass will analyse the video data and the second pass will do the actual work of encoding. Choose this if ou are not pushed for time by clicking in te '2-Pass Encoding' box :