Key User Features

Plumi includes numerous video-sharing and content-management features. Many of the features below are quite straight-forward, some of these features are covered in further detail in this manual.

In terms of programming and development of new features, the possibilities for altering, extending and improving Plumi for your own use-case are endless. Please visit the blog which has further details about how to get involved in Plumi development. 

Users can do the following things on a Plumi site:

  • Watch and download videos.
    • Watch in Flash player (flowplayer) or watch fullscreen.
    • View High or Low quality versions suited to your bandwidth.
    • Watch using the HTML5 video tag using Ogg Theora.
    • Download original higher-quality version using your browser.
    • Download via BitTorrent (new in Plumi 4.x)
  • Publish videos.
    • In many formats (including .avi, .mpg, .3gp, .mp4, .ogg).
    • Automatically converted to Flash video for embedded playback (Ogg Theora another configurable option).
    • Attach an open content license (Creative Commons and GPL Free Documentation).
    • Include thumbnail, synopsis, production info, tags and categories.
    • Thumbnails are generated automatically if not uploaded by user.
    • Video views and downloads are displayed (new in Plumi 4.x).
    • Progress bar for video uploads (new in Plumi 4.x).
  • Publish news and events.
  • Publish other content such as Callouts (calls for submissions), pages and images.
  • Browse videos by category.
    • By country.
    • By topic.
    • By genre.
    • By tag.
  • Use your personal workspace.
    • Automatically lists all your videos, news and events in their own folders.
    • Add other content such as pages, images and documents.
  • Share content and collaborate.
    • Edit files along with other members of the site.
  • Create or view author profiles.
    • Edit your own, or view other site members.
    • View latest videos, news and events by each user.
    • Biographical information.
    • Activities (production, distribution, screenings etc.)
    • Crowd-funding - add a donate button, prompting users to donate to that member via PayPal (new in Plumi 4.x).
  • Social networking
    • Find other users on the site with the same genre interests, activities and from the same places.
  • Use your personal dashboard.
    • Configure the way you view the Plumi site.
    • Change your preferences.
    • View your profile.
  • Embed a video from Plumi on another website or blog.
  • Use a video-podcasting application such as Miro to view/download Plumi video feeds.
  • Switch languages to change the user interface into another language.
  • Translate content into another language.
  • Upload videos via FTP (great for connections which are interrupted, or very large files).
  • Add comments to content such as videos, news and events.

Site Managers (Administrators) or Reviewers can use the following Plumi site administration tools: