Publication States

Plumi inherits the system for controlling publication states from Plone. As a basic feature, publication states allow you to make content you have created either public or private (available to everyone, or just yourself and those you wish to share it with). However the system is actually a little more complicated than that as there are various states content may be in, and this forms a key part of the publishing workflow covered in the next chapter.

For starters we'll look at the different states that content can be in. Every item on a Plumi site (videos, news, events etc.) will have a state that it is in. This chapter will help you understand what that state means.

In the upper right corner of the edit panel for any content type (videos, news, events, folders etc.) there is a menu on the right for publication state. This state menu has settings for controlling publication state:

The header for the menu will show the current publication state for the content item, such as State: Private, as shown above.

Private is the initial state when you create content (such as a video, news item or event) and in the private state, as the name indicates, the content item will generally not be available to visitors to the web site - only to yourself and to site administrators, when logged-in. If your content is not already private, you can make it so using the make private menu option.

The Submit for publication menu choice is used when content must be approved for publication by Reviewers, as discussed below. When you choose this option, your content will go into the pending review publication state.

Note: Plumi sites by default place created content in the pending state on pressing save, this however is configurable.


If you have submitted your content for publication, but wish to re-edit it, or otherwise make it unavailable for publishing, you can choose the retract menu option. It will go into the public draft state - which means it will be available to anonymous users, but won't be listed on the front page, or other listings of content around the web site. From here you can choose to make it private again if you wish, or re-edit it, and submit it for publication once more.


The Publish menu choice will be available if you are a site Manager or Reviewer. This will make the content item available to any visitor to the site, and appear within site listings (such as the front page). When you choose this option, your content will go into the published publication state.

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