Keyboard Shortcuts

While you can get to any of Thunderbird's functions using a mouse, you might find it faster and more efficient to use combinations of keys on your keyboard to access those functions. That way you don't need to take your hands off your keyboard while you're writing email messages.

Remember that some keyboard shortcuts might not work when you are in certain parts of the Thunderbird interface. For example, when you click on a message in the message list, the Cut, Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts are disabled. That's because it doesn't make sense to cut and paste text into the message list.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for frequently-used features in Thunderbird:

 Feature  Windows and Linux
 Mac OS X
New message
Ctrl + N or Ctrl + M
Command + M
Move to Search Bar (Global Search)     
Ctrl + K
Command + K
Ctrl + Z
Command + Z
Ctrl + Y
Command + Y
Ctrl + C
Command + C
Ctrl + P
Command + P
Increase text size
Ctrl + +
Command + +
Decrease text size
Ctrl + -
Command + -
Quick Filter
Ctrl + Shift + K  Command + Shift + K 
Send and receive all messages
Ctrl + T or F5
Command + T or F5
Mark message as read or unread
Add or remove the star from a message
Save the message as a file
Ctrl + S
Command + S
Collapse All Threads
Expand All Threads
Find text in current message
Ctrl + F
Command + F
Search for messages in a folder (search dialog)
Ctrl + Shift + F
Command + Shift + F
Find again in current message
Ctrl + G + F3
Command + G + F3
Find previous in current message
Ctrl + Shift + G
Command + Shift + G