Turtle Activity

Commands for the Turtle

Here are the commands you can give to your turtle on the turtle tab.


clean - Clears the screen of all drawings and sends the turtle to the middle.
forward - Moves the turtle forward the number of pixels entered. Turtle_Art_img_5
back - Moves the turtle backward the number of pixels listed. Turtle_Art_img_7
Turtle_Art_img_8  left – Changes the turtle’s direction to the turtle’s left by the angle specified.
Turtle_Art_img_10 right – Changes the turtle’s direction to the turtle’s right by the angle specified.
Turtle_Art_img_12  arc – Draws part of a circle. The angle is the part of the circle the turtle draws. The radius determines the width (size) of the circle. Turtle_Art_img_13

Here is a sample of some angles. They can be used for the right and left commands and to draw arcs.

Turtle_Art_img_14 Turtle_Art_img_15 Turtle_Art_img_16 Turtle_Art_img_17