A Look at Open Video

A Look at Open Video - Part Two

The second part of our course leaves behind some of the end-user technologies on open video to take a deeper look at video frameworks, command line approaches, and web implementations of video. It aims to be of use to software developers who are new to this area.

It also maps some of the key issues, advantages and shortcomings of the use of open video technologies in a developer context.

Navigating this part of the course is not as straightforward as part one. It is not as directed and the task are more more open ended. You may want to do a lot of additional reading to really get to the bottom of the challenges and technologies that we are here only beginning to explore.

As such we invite you to take an active role in adding to, correcting, and guiding the contents you see in the following tasks. If you are a developer or have a role in the documentation of a particular video framework, tool or approach we invite you to contact us to contribute a task for course participants.

Going Deeper

While we have created a badge for this part of the course the guidelines for awarding the badge are flexible. We feel we can be generous in awarding this badge as an incentive for involvement. As such if it will be awarded for "Making a significant contribution to (or correction of) 'A Look at Open Video', or for showing commitment in demonstrating your learning outcomes from the course". 

So let's go deeper into open video. Come on in - the code is waiting for you!