A Look at Open Video

What Next for Open Video

There were some fantastic debates and lines of thinking at the Open Video Forum on this subject. However, we were not able to spend the time needed to finish this chapter. Some of the ideas generated included the following bullet points.

  • Open video and hybrid distribution
  • Last mile issues and open video
  • Open hardware - how much autonomy do we want?
  • Using SD card distribution
  • Video editing using Free Software
  • Film post-production using Free Software tools
  • Smart phone / feature phones in Africa and the next 5 years 
  • Challenges of implementing open video solutions on mobile devices

Task - Help us add to this course

Write a blog post or comment on this course. What worked well? What can be improved? What is missing? What are the aspects that excite you about open video? We will try to include your interests in the next version of this course.

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