Installing Alchemy on Windows

Software name : Alchemy
Homepage :
Software version used for this installation : BETA 008
Operating System use for this installation : XP Service Pack 2
Recommended Hardware :
Required Software : Java Runtime Environment Version 1.5 or above

Downloading Alchemy

The latest version of Alchemy for Windows can be downloaded from:
The latest version at the time of writing this document is Alchemy BETA 008.


Click on the link labeled 'Alchemy for Windows' to download.

Once the download is complete, check your default download directory for the Alchemy file. This is a compressed zip file and inside is the Alchemy application itself. Extract the files, use your favourite unzipping utility and inside will be a folder called 'Alchemy'. Copy this folder into your 'Program Files' folder to install Alchemy.

That completes the installation of Alchemy and you should now be able to see the Alchemy folder inside your Program Files folder. 


To open Alchemy simply double-click on the Alchemy icon inside the Alchemy folder.

If you see a warning message telling you 'Java Install Required', be sure to follow the download link and install Java before using Alchemy.