UpStage v2.1 User Manual

Player View

Players log in to UpStage to create and present performances. They do not need anything other than a browser with the Flash player plugin to do this.

Two levels of logging in: as "player only" which gives access to the on-stage player tools (described above) or "admin" which also gives access to the workshop.

Once logged in, they have access to the Workshop area where they can upload and manage the media to be used on stage, and to the on-stage tools that enable them to manipulate media for a performance.

The"player view" of the stage is different to the "audience view".


The Wardrobe (top right hand corner) is a scrollable list of the avatars that have been assigned to this stage. The Mirror (the square beside the Wardrobe) shows the avatar you are currently holding, with its name in the rectangle under the mirror. There are tools below the Mirror, and image galleries for backdrops and props along the bottom of the stage area. Players see a smaller text chat window than the audience.