UpStage v2.1 User Manual

Project Team

The UpStage project was initiated in 2003 by Avatar Body Collision, who are Vicki Smith, Leena Saarinen, Karla Ptacek and Helen Varley Jamieson. The project continues to be managed by Helen Varley Jamieson and Vicki Smith. For more information about the Colliders, please visit

The UpStage application was originally written by Douglas Bagnall, who has a background in open source development of online projects, and is also a digital artist. His artistic work includes the development of a film-making robot and a cloud-classifier; visit

At the end of 2010, former AUT student Paul Rohrlach joined the team as a developer and server administrator and in 2011 Francesco Buonaiuto became our volunteer documenter. Many other artists are involved in the annual UpStage Festival, and we have a growing team of open source developers who are supporting the maintenance and development of the software.

Since December 2004, the UpStage server has been generously hosted by Citylink.

Thanks to Anne Philpott, we established a relationship with Auckland University of Technology. which has seen teams of final year software development students working on UpStage as their major project since 2006. 

The AUT UpStage teams to date are:

  • 2012-13: Scott Riddell, Gavin Chan & Craig Farrell
  • 2012: Benjamin Qin and Daniel Han
  • 2011-12: Nessa Baterina, Karena Goh, Corey Robb
  • 2011: Heath Behrens and Vibhu Patel
  • 2010-11: Mohammad Al-Timimi, JR Malonzo and Henry Goh
  • 2010: Tom Choi, Paul Rohrlach & Craig Farrell
  • 2009-10: Natasha Pullenster, Nicholas Robinson and Shaun Narayan
  • 2009: John Coleman and Vishaal Solanki
  • 2008-09: Shaun Nesbitt, Wendy Wen, Candy Yang
  • 2008: Aaron Barnett
  • 2007-08: Alan Crow and Tony Wong
  • 2007: Endre Bernhardt, Lauren Kilduff & Phillip Quinlan
  • 2006-07: Beau Hardy, Francis Palma, Lucy Chu and Wise Wang.

Many other people have contributed to the development of UpStage through encouragement, advice, user testing, feedback, and simply believing that it was possible. The project team thanks every one of you.

If you are interested in being a part of the development of UpStage, you can join the developer list,

If you would like to be kept informed about events in UpStage, you can join the announcements list: