Audacity Workbook


This assessment chapter aims to look at what we covered in the Basic Use section of the Audacity Workbook. It gives you the chance to review and check your knowledge with a specific task.

This chapter is a work in progress. We are evaluating how best to test and recognise learning in Flossmanuals. There is also a p2pu challenge here which contains the same material. 1 

Audacity Basic Use Task

You can download a sample audio file to undertake this task from here.

Your mission is to ;

  • open an audio file
  • play the audio file
  • use the zoom and select tools to select a 10-15 second piece of audio
  • trim the audio file so you are left with only this 10-15 second clip
  • fade out the last second of the remaining audio so that it ends smoothly
  • save your work as an Audacity project file 
  • export your work as a compressed mp3 or ogg file

Assessment Check List

  • Did you successfully use the Open > File dialogue box to import a file into Audacity?
  • Did you use the transport toolbar to successfully Play, pause, stop, skip to start and skip to end of the file.
  • Did you use the Zoom In and Zoom Out functions to get a closer look at the waveform of the audio
  • Did you use the Select tools and the Trim function to choose one part of the file and get rid of the rest?
  • Did you apply the Fade effect to fade the last second of audio
  • Did you use the Save option to save an Audacity project file .aup
  • Did you use the Export function to export the edited audio to a compressed audio file (mp3 or ogg)