Add Another Sound File

Software name : ­Audacity­
Software version : 1.2

Audacity enables you to mix multiple sounds together. You will need Audacity open and an audio file already loaded, and then you can add as many new files as you like.

Adding your new track

Ok, so Audacity should be open in front of you and you will have some audio already loaded. In this example we will be working with a sound file I have opened from my computer, and so my Audacity window looks like this :


Now, we wish to add another sound file. To do this you will need to have another sound piece on your computer ready to go, and you will need to know where this file is located on your computer. Then click on Project and choose 'Import Audio...' :


When you have done this a file browser will open :


In the above example I am very lucky as the file I wish to load is in the directory shown. If the file was not here I would have to use the file browser to locate the file on my computer. To do this you would open directories by double-clicking on the directory icons, or you can go 'up a directory' by clicking on the button with the directory icon and green arrow :


In my case I will click on the 'myfile.ogg' :


I know press OK and the file will be imported. 'Importing' means that the file will be converted into a format that Audacity understands and appear in the Audacity window as a new track. So you when you press 'OK' the importing process begins :


When it is complete the new track can be seen in the Audacity window :


You will notice that in the above example there is a new stereo track added at the bottom of the window. If you don't see this then you might need to scroll down on your Audacity window.

Note on Playback and Exporting

If you now press the 'Play' Button :


you will hear both tracks playing back at once. If you were now to export this file the tracks would be combined together into one sound file.