Track Area

Software name : Audacity
Software version : 1.2 

In Audacity, a channel of sound is represented by one mono audio track, a two channel sound by one stereo audio track.  The example below is a stereo track :


Lets look at some of the controls available to you from this interface :


option action
Name edit the name of the track
Move Track Up/Down move Track Up or Down in the display
Waveform traditional display of audio material.
Waveform (dB) like Waveform, but logarithmic instead of linear vertical units .
Spectrum displays the frequency spectrum of the audio over time.
Pitch (EAC) tries to detect the pitch of the current audio and displays that information over time.
Mono set playback of this single channel track on the left and right channels.
Left Channel set playback of this single channel track on the left channel.
Right Channel set playback of single channel track on the right channel.
Make Stereo Track the selected track and that beneath it is turned in to one stereo track.
Split Stereo Track turn one stereo track in to two single channel tracks.
Set Sample Format pick the sample format for this track.
Set Rate set the sample rate of this track.

Solo and Mute Mode

In solo mode, only tracks that have the solo button activated.


With mute a track is switched off without deleting it.

Gain and Pan Controls


This slider set the panning position of the track in the stereo field.


This slider controls the track volume, or rather the overall gain of that particular track.