Reference for other object types


Basic object type that all other objects extend.

  • .toString()


Objects of type Shred abstract processes running in the virtual machine. They have member functions that deal with how they run relative to each other and to stop them from running if they are no longer needed.

  • .exit() removes the relevant shred (and any child shreds it may have) from the VM. Does not destroy the Shred object.
  • .id() returns a int representing the id of the shred.
  • .done() returns 1 (int) if the process is done, 0 otherwise
  • .running() returns 1 (int) if the process is running, 0 otherwise


Refers to the current shred from inside it. .yield() is only useful in this case; you can't make other shreds yield.

  •  .yield() Allows other shreds shreduled for the current time to execute but does not advance time.


Splits a string by whitespace (used to be hidden PRC object)

  • .set(string) sets the string to be tokenized.
  • .more() (int) returns 1 if there are more tokens to be taken from the string, 0 otherwise.
  • .next() (string) returns the next token as a string and removes it from the tokenizer

see examples/string/


Interim console input (until file I/O)(used to be hidden Skot object)

  • .prompt(string ) (event) prompts the user for input, can be chucked to now.
  • .more() (int) returns 1 if there is data to be treated held by the object, 0 otherwise
  • .getLine() (string) returns a string of data entered by the user at the prompt

see examples/string/

File IO