Class Acts


Starting with the 2007 release of the XO Laptop, 2008/2009 One Laptop per Child (OLPC) internships in South America, summer 2009 OLPCorps deployments in villages across Africa, a recently overhauled Contributors Program providing free XO-1 and XO-1.5 laptops to community innovators worldwide -- we are now almost two years after the world-renowned Give 1 Get 1 program.  The time arrived for OLPC/Sugar support community to gather some of our most illustrative classroom experiences, case studies and best practices.  Our work is to enable other teachers to empower students with the visionary OLPC XO computer -- making it much easier to create a proposal, justify it to funders, administrators, IT staff, parents and children.  Then we will use our 2 years of Community Support experience to ease community implementations by providing tips and tricks to allow the teacher (techie or non!) to spend more time teaching, and learning from their students!

Please join us.  You too can invest in redefining 21st century learning, and standing up tall to communicate to others how this is possible:



1) Read all about our background here, and why so many different kinds of people are coming together to communicate touchstone community deployment projects from around the world:

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