Configuring M3W

Software name : M3W
Software version  : 2.1

The interface is pretty easy to understand, if you have done any streaming before. If not, you will need to understand a little about how it all fits together, but its not so difficult.

Server Details

As stated in the section on requirements, you will need to know some information about the server you will stream to. You will need the following details:
  • password
  • host name or IP number
  • port number
  • mount point
  • login type

First of all, you will need to open the broadcast configuration panel which holds the details for the server. You can find this configuration panel under the options menu item.


The broadcast configuration panel looks like this:


Now, let's enter the details of the server into the appropriate fields. Thie first thing you need to know is what kind of server you are streaming to. If you use the icecast1 server, you should use the x-audio login. The new version of the icecast server, icecast 2, understands the http login. Both servers, as well as the shoutcast server, speak also the icy protokol. Which, however, is somewhat outdated and should be avoided if possible. If you are streaming to an Icecast server you will not need to enter the User field (just leave it with the default 'source').

When entering this data make sure that you don't have anyone looking over your shoulder as M3W password field does not hide the password so anyone looking at the screen will be able to read it. Some notes on the fields:

mount point

This is the name of the stream so it can be identified by player softwares. Mountpoint is a bad name, I think, it would be more helpful in streaming jargon to call it stream name or something similar. The mount point is the unique identifier by which players can identify your stream which is helpful if there are more than streams on the server.

Generally the mount point will be given to you by whoever is managing the streaming server, if they haven't given you one then make one up just don't use special characters in the name. In some streaming encoders the mount point should be preceded with a forward slash (/). In M3W this is not necessary.


The streaming server requires a password to authenticate you as someone that is allowed to send a stream.


The port number should be given to you by the person who is managing the streaming server. It is usually port 8000.


This is the IP number or the hostname of the streaming server. Don't put a http:// infront of the hostname or IP.

An example config my look like this:


When you are ready press ok.