Mifos Android Client

Task List and Upcoming Meetings

How to display Upcoming meetings (task-list)

The list of upcoming meetings allows the Loan Officer to display meetings for all centers (or list of groups if centers are disabled) on a day. This option should help Loan Officer to organize and arrange upcoming meetings.

You may display seven following days, started from current date. The date is loaded automatically and you cannot change it.

To display upcoming meetings, click Upcoming meetings in Mifos Android Client main menu.

You may see a screen like this:

Date in drop-down box is automatically set as current date. You may choose a different date from the drop-down list (available is one week started from current date). Under the chosen date, there is a list of upcoming meetings for centers or groups. In parenthesis there is a number of groups in the center or number of clients in the group. To display groups in the center, click on the Center Name.

The list of groups may look like this:

Do a long click on Group Name to view its details. You may also type a name of group to filter the list. To display its details do a long click.

It may look like this: