Video Subtitling

Translating Subtitles

Video translation is defined as the process of translating the meaning of any linguistic content (including speech and writings) of the source language of video material into text of the target language, which is can be played with the video in a separate file.

At the core of video translation is the translators interpretation of the source language of the video.

The proces of video translation is currently facilitated by a number of different programmes, which enable the writing of the subtitle file, timing the text file accordingly and adding additional target languages to the original translation.

One part of video translation enable the writing of text for the video. Another part of video translation includes the option of translating video subtitles in one language into another. So far no FLOSS web video services have started applying collaborative systems for translating. Only DotSUB and similar are doing this, but these web service are not FLOSS.