GCI Melange

After the Contest

Once the contest period has closed, Mentoring Organizations will have a designated window to determine their Grand Prize Winners and one backup winner.

The 5 Students with the highest accumulated number of points with your organization are the Grand Prize Finalists for your Organization. To view these 5 Students, the Organization Administrator will need to go My Dashboard -> Propose the Grand Prize Winners link -> Click on your Organization.  A drop-down list appears with the names of the 5 Grand Prize Finalists. 

Organizations will discuss amongst themselves the comprehensive body of work of these 5 students considering thoroughness, creativity and quality of work. Once Mentoring Organizations have determined their 2 Grand Prize Winners and their backup winner, the Organization Administrator will use the drop-down lists at My Dashboard -> Propose the Grand Prize Winners link -> Click on your Organization and choose their 1st Grand Prize Winner, 2nd Grand Prize Winner and backup winner. When you press Submit your choices are sent to the Contest Administrator.

All Grand Prize Winners are officially announced on the Google Open Source blog first and then the Grand Prize Winners will appear on the Google Code-in site. These tasks are completed by the Contest Administrator.

Shipping and Payment Questions

As the the contest winds down, you may be contacted by Students with regards to shipping issues. Please refer the Students to the Contest Administrator for help.