GCI Melange

After the Contest

What can a Student do in Melange after the current Google Code-in contest has ended?

View List of Mentoring Organizations

All past and current Mentoring Organizations can be found in Melange back to the 2010 contest. From the Melange home page, please click on the "Mentoring organization details" under the Mentoring Organizations link. From there, you can search by year of the contest by going to the URL and changing the last four digits to 2012, 2011 or whatever Contest year you are looking for.

When you click on an organization, you can see a list of that organization's Open and Completed Tasks, a description of the organization and Contact information. 

To contact an organization after the contest ends, look on the right hand side of the organization page and use the various communication channels listed (IRC, email, Blogger, etc.)

View Your Profile

Your Dashboard remains available for viewing, but it can not be edited after the Contest ends.

View Completed Tasks

To view past Google Code-in Tasks that Students completed for each Mentoring Organization, please click on each Mentoring Organization logo on the home page and scroll down to Completed Tasks.