Text and Paths

Text and path can be complementary elements that work together. Some options of the Text menu are very interesting.

Put on Path / Remove from Path

Inkscape has support for the SVG element <textPath>. That allows putting a text on a path so that it follows its shape. Both text and path remain fully editable (including kerns and letterspacing in text).

Select the path and the text and use Text->Put on Path. When you move the path, its attached text moves with it; however, you can move the text away from its path or transform it without losing the link. The Text->Remove from Path command converts a text-on-path into a regular text object.


Flow into Frame / Unflow from Frame

The Flow into frame Alt+W command of the Text menu takes any selected text and puts it into the selected shape.  Word-wrapping is automatically done so that the text fits the shape as precisely as possible. Manual adjustment can still be done on the text after this. To separate the text from the path, just use Unflow or press Shift+Alt+ W.