Configuring Jubler on Mac OS X

Now we need to configure Jubler so it can use MPlayer and Aspell.

Configure Jubler for MPlayer

Now open Jubler - when it starts you will see a 'splash screen' - a picture of a parrot. Eventually the Jubler window will appear. Select Jubler > Preferences:


The Preferences Window then opens:


Click on "Wizard":


Now select "Continue" using the Automatically serarch option rather than the manual option. Jubler will then search your computer for the location of MPlayer.

This wizard should then pick up where your MPlayer file is. If so it will say MPlayer executable has been resolved, as below.


Click Finish, and you should end up back at the Jubler Preferences with the MPlayer path setup properly, as below.


Then Click Accept.

Configuring Jubler for Aspell

Since Mac OS X doesnt have a native installer for aspell, configuring Aspell for Jubler on Mac OS X is unsupported.