Kino is a free, open source video editing program that lets you capture video through firewire then add titles, transitions and video effects to the footage. It operates on Linux and is not available for Windows or MacOSX.

For the latest information regarding Kino please refer on the Kino website:

This manual introduces the main features of Kino, in a series of short exercises that take you, step-by-step, through the typical tasks you might do when using the software:

  • capturing video
  • editing clips
  • adding titles and credits
  • adding effects
  • using sound
  • outputting the movie

Hardware required

Kino is designed to capture video through a Firewire or iLink connection (IEEE1394 connection).

To edit video on a PC with Linux installed. It should be a fast computer and plenty of memory. The bare minimum is a 500MHz Processor and 128MB of RAM for running the programme. You will also need several gigabytes (GB) of hard drive space. For 5 minutes footage, for example, you will need about 1GB of free space. You may need additional space for any audio files, transitions and effects you put on, and to output the finished movie you may require the same amount of memory space again.