Editing Clips

Once the clips are in Kino they can be re-ordered in Edit mode. Click on a clip then drag and drop it into a different position on the storyboard.


The scrub bar below the main window is divided into sections that correspond to the storyboard scenes. You can play the movie using the transport controls. Alternatively click onto the play-head (the scrub triangle) and drag it along the scrub bar to view the footage.


The Timeline

Select the Timeline tab and the selected clip displays as a sequence of frames. This mode provides a basic visual storyboard. The clips are un-editable in this mode.


To display the full movie increase the End number to its maximum.

Trimming clips

The captured clips may require topping and tailing. Select a clip that requires further editing and go to Trim mode.


Using the scrub triangle or transport controls move the play-head to the in point that you want your clip to start from. Trim the front of the clip by clicking on the black triangle right of the 'In' box. The same routine applies to setting a new out point, only use the right black triangle. The greyed out portion of the scrub bar is the excluded video, it's still there, it just won't be played.

Alternatively click and drag the small triangle immediately below the scrub bar to a new start point position.


To set the new points select the 'Overwrite' mode and click on Apply. The clip on the storyboard will change to reflect the modifications.

Importing Video

There are two ways of importing footage into a project. If you want to quickly assemble footage then use the import buttons. This will insert a clip before / after the selected clip on the timeline.


If your clips require trimming or cutting up into sections then it may be more convenient to trim the clips as you import them. If this is the case then import into Trim mode. Choose the 'Insert' mode and browse for a file using the folder icon left of the 'Before' button. The video comes in ready for trimming.