Ogg Theora Cook Book

Splitting a Video File

Splitting a video file into its constituent streams is often called demultiplexing. The command line tool oggSplit from the Ogg Video Tools performs demultiplexing.

Synopsis: oggSplit originalFile.ogv

This command extracts all streams in originalFile.ogv into separate files. It uses the following naming scheme for the created files:


The codecName is set to theora, vorbis or unknown, depending on the codec type of the stream in question.

Every stream has a specific Identification Number (ID), set by the encoder. This ID is a 32 Bit number that is unique for every stream within a single Ogg file. As there can be more than one audio or video stream within a file (e.g. different audio streams for different languages), this ID is needed to distinguish among them.

The extension is set to match the contents of the stream. ogv is used for video files, oga for audio files and unknown streams get the extension ogg.


# oggSplit myFile.ogv
# ls
theora_a1bb23c1.ogv     vorbis_a316522.oga