Installing Ardour & JACK with Linux Commands

To install Ardour, JACK, Jamin, LADSPA Plugins and LV2 plugins (Calf-plugins) from a command-line interface, enter the following distribution-specific commands.


sudo apt-get install ardour qjackctl jamin ladspa-plugin calf-plugins

Note: you will need to obtain root privileges to install these packages on the following distributions by using either the 'su' or 'sudo' commands. This can vary from distribution to distribution.  If you are unsure how to do this on your system please consult your distribution's documentation.

Please also note that Jamin and some of the LADSPA and LV2 Plugins are not available on every distribution. The command lines here reflect that.


yum install ardour qjackctl jamin ladspa-swh-plugins ladspa-cmt-plugins ladspa-fil-plugins ladspa-caps-plugins ladspa-tap-plugins ladspa-rev-plugins


apt-get install ardour qjackctl jamin ladspa-plugin


emerge ardour qjackctl jamin swh-plugins rev-plugins fil-plugins caps-plugins tap-plugins


pacman -S ardour qjackctl swh-plugins cmt