Audio Production


Activity: Recording a Phone Call 

Estimated time  mins

Task: make a recording of a phone call and edit it into a short radio programme. The idea is to Do a “call out” show – grab an event and do a call out to find out what's happening.

10 mins - Get together in groups of 3 or 4 to look at the Internet and find an event that you would like to cover in the future. See if you can find a contact detail for one of the organiser

5 mins -  Set the Scene. Give a short summary of the situation.

10 mins - Make the Call. Set up a voice recorder and place it next to a phone which has speaker phone options.

15 mins - Edit the call: Connect your voice recorder to your computer. Import your audio into Audacity the With Audacity  clear any blank spaces save as an mp3

The relevant chapters are Basic Editing, Opening a File and Recording

Uploading and Distribution:
10 mins - Upload your save mp3 of the call to an Internet site which can deal with uploaded audio file. Get the URL of the page which hosts your file and send it to 3 friends.  If you haven't decided on a website to upload to you can upload to