Audio Production

Somebody Should Set The Title For This Chapter!

This course is aimed at young people motivated by an interest in music. The goal is to create a collaborative online Radio using a Wordpress blog as a base. It uses all free software tools so that young people can replicate the skills at home without having to pay for software.





Week 1

Choose a name for your show
Set up a Wordpress account / blog
Write a script including information on your music show put it on the blog
Upload and picture of your to your show page

Wordpress / blogging skills
Writing skills

Week 2

Practice reading the intro to your show for recordings
Set up equipment for recording introduction
Record Introduction and Save

Getting confidence in your voice
Using recording equipment
Using Audio editing software to record

Week 3

Choose background music for Introduction
Mix voice audio and Background music

Upload mix to Internet host (

Link audio file on Wordpress blog

Getting confidence in your voice
Using Audio editing software to mix multitracks

Using Wordpress for audio

Week 4

Choose three music tracks for Advert
Write text for advert
Record Voice and Save
Create audio project with 10 sec sections of music with transitions
Mix voice audio and Background music
Save as mp3 and upload to Internet and Blog

As Week 2 and 3 combined

Week 5

Set up CD decks and microphone to mixer and speakers
connect to PC for recordings
Set right levels for music mix recording
Equalise levels in Audio editing program
Reverse any swearing in Audio Editing program

Programming music
Using filters in Audio Editing software

Week 6

Promote show via social networking sites

Create a strategy
Targeting certain audiences
Set goals for outreach

Using social networking sites
Strategies skills

Group work skills

Week 7

Recap on Promoting show via social networking sites

Record interview with musician, sports person, youth worker

Interviewing skills
Listening skills
Question planning

Week 8

Edit Interview and upload to Internet / Blog

Editing with voice recording to remove repeated or less relevant content