Audio Production

Internet Radio Course

A sample course structure to create an Internet Radio station and programmes for it. 


Build on skills to record, mix, encode and distribute audio. This course is aimed at young people or people who have an aim of introducing music. It makes reference to online chapters. 

Work out your music show.

Task: Write a script including some of the following information.

  • Music Types you will play

  • Information about yourself and the show

  • Contact details

Use this exercise as a way of working out what you will put on your show. The music, guests, information and ways people can get in touch with you. Remember this is starting off an an Internet Radio show so make sure you let people know about the website we are working with.

Record an Introduction.

Task: Set up microphones, mixer and computer to record the voice part of the introduction to your show. Then save your project and export an mp3 file.

There are different ways we can record your voice. We can use a portable voice recorder or studio microphones with a mixer. Either way we want to get a natural sound. To do this you may have to do several recordings. Get used to trying to remember what you going to say and saying it in your own words without reading.

You could work with someone else to help you sound natural.


Microphone / Mixer / Soundcard (Line in)

Audacity - Introduction -

Audacity - Basic editing:

Audacity – Exporting:
Transfer to another computer via a USB Stick

Open Voice MP3 File & mix with music

Task: Create your Introduction
Open your Voice recording of you describing your show and mix it with some audio. We want to create two tracks one of the audio you recorded of your voice and the other one of the music you want to use.

Audacity ‘Creating Fades’:

Audacity ‘Add a new track’:

Audacity ‘Open a file’:

Upload audio file to Internet.

Task: Upload our files and mixes to the internet.

We can do with a free option, although if we get desperate we can pay a bit of money to and they'll do it for us.

Http:// - is a site run by people's voice media. It's a good space to put short audio files. ie ‘News & Short Mixes’ for longer mixes but this isn't really a music community

NEEDED: We need to source website addresses for: ‘Long Mixes’ with a good community that can give feedback and support.

Uploading Video to chalktalk: to come
Uploading Video to

Setting up your website :

Setting up your website can be done in many different ways. We are going to use for this course as it is flexible and free.

Add a Post:

Add Images:

Add Links:

Linking to Mix / Audio file on:

Now that our audio file is uploaded to the internet and we have a URL (web address) for it. We can now link to you the file and create a player on our Wordpress site.


Create a Streaming Audio player:

Link audio files and mixes to Social Networking sites

Now we have our audio player working on our website we can start to make some noise about the show. Using email and Social Networking tools lets get some listeners for our show.

Task: Discuss as a group your tactics for promoting your shows. How can you work together to do this. How often do you want to get in contact with people? What are the best channels of communication for the people that you want to contact?

Email and Email lists