Basic Internet Security

Installing KeePass

We will cover installing KeePass on Ubuntu and Windows.

Mac OSX comes with an excellent built-in password manager called Keychain that is just as save. Downsides are that it isn't Open Source and doesn't work on other systems. If you'd need to take your passwords from one Operating System to another it is better to stick with Keepass after all. How to use Keychain is covered in the next chapter.


Installing KeePassX on Ubuntu

To install on Ubuntu we will use the Ubuntu Software Center from Applications->Ubuntu Software Center.

Type KeePass in the search field at the top right and the application KeePassX should automatically appear in the listing.


Highlight the item (it may already be highlighted by default) and then press 'Install'. You will be asked to Authorise the installation process:

Enter your password and press 'Authenticate' the installation process will then begin.


Ubuntu does not offer very good feedback to show the software is installed. If the green progress indicator on the left has gone and the progress bar on the right has gone then you can assumed the software is installed. To check you can open the program from the menu Applications->Accessories->KeyPassX

Installing KeePass on Windows

First visit the KeePass download webpage ( and choose the appropriate installer. For this chapter we are using the current installer (KeePass-2.15-Setup.exe which can also be directly downloaded from here

Download this to your computer then double click on the installer. You will firt be asked to select a language, we will choose English:

Press 'OK' and you will be shown the following screen:

Just press 'Next >' and go to the next screen :

 In the screen shown above we must select 'I accept the agreement' otherwise we will not be able to install the software. Choose this option and then press 'Next >'. In the next screen you will be asked to determine the installation location. You can leave this with the defaults unless you have good reason to change them.

Click on 'Next >' and continue.

The above image shows the KeePass components you can choose from. Just leave the defaults as they are and press 'Next >'. You will come to a new screen:

This doesn't do anything but give you a summary of your options. Press 'Install' and the installation process will begin.