Sahana Eden

Getting Help

There are several options for getting the support you need to use Sahana Eden, ranging from basic assistance from the voluntary community through professional support. 

    Mailing List

    You can contact the mailing list to ask any questions you may have about Sahana Eden. This is the best way to engage with the entire Sahana Eden community, get answers to any questions you may have and share the work you are doing with Sahana Eden. 

    Details on the list are found here:

    Web Chat

    Real-time communication can help facilitate allow more rapid discussion of ideas. You can join the Sahana Eden Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel to chat directly with members of the community.

    If you have an IRC client you can join #sahana-eden channel on irc.freenode.netOtherwise you can go to 

    Please be aware that people on the Web Chat may be busy or otherwise occupied and it may be useful to also send an email with any queries you have to the mailing list.

    For more information, see: 

    Monthly Community Call

    The Sahana community also gets together on monthly voice calls to discuss ongoing work, new projects, upcoming events and other topics. This call is open to everyone.

    For more information, see: or contact:


    The Sahana Eden wiki contains detailed technical documentation, instructions for deploying the software, guides to contributing to the project and blueprints for future work. It is maintained by community member. You are welcome to register for an account to help improve and extend the wiki 

    The wiki is at: 

    Reporting Bugs

    You can help improve Sahana Eden by reporting any bugs you find in the software. To report a bug go to: 

    This ensures that these bugs can be fixed in future releases of the Sahana Eden. 

    Some things to remember while filing a bug report:

    1. Please be explicit about what you were trying to do when you encountered the bug and what module you are using. A URL (website address) is very useful.
    2. Be sure to write in detail the steps to reproduce the bugs. It would also be helpful if you could write out what your trying to achieve when you encountered the bug. For instance, if you were filling out a form and the application crashed as soon as you hit submit, it would helpful to put the data you were trying to put in and the module you were in the bug report.
    3. You could also check the wiki for some information, perhaps the bug you encountered is unresolved issue which the developers are aware of. It also be possible that the feature might not be complete yet.
    4. If you are a developer, make sure you have the latest version of the code. It is possible that the issue you are facing has been resolved.
    5. Describe the environment you are running the system on in the bug report. If you can, please include the operating system, the browser, the version of Python you have, the Web2Py version, Sahana Eden revision and Python libraries installed. Listing out everything may be a little tedious, but the more specific you can be, the easier it will be to fix the bug. 
    Refer to before reporting a bug.

    Professional Support

    Unpaid volunteers from the Sahana Eden community can provide a basic level of support for deploying and using Sahana Eden. If you require more comprehensive support and guaranteed response, professional companies are available. Both AidIQ ( and Respere ( provide deployment, customization, hosting, training and support for Sahana Eden solutions.