Sahana Eden

Getting Involved

Getting involved in Sahana Eden is a great way to support work in Disaster Management. You can contribute in a variety of ways.

Software Development 

If you are a software developer who is interested in contributing to Sahana Eden there are a wide range of projects whcih you can get involved in.



The wiki and this book form the backbone of the documentation available for Sahana Eden. There is alway scope for improving and extending the documentation. Contributing to the documentation it is a good way for developers to to better understand Sahana Eden. If there is something in the documentation which is not clear to you or is missing, you can improve it. 

You can also produce screencasts which are a quick and easy way for new users and developers to understand Sahana Eden.


By testing Sahana Eden you can help to make it more reliable. This can be done by writing test cases, performing manual tests and automating tests with Selenium. 


Blueprints allow users to share their requirements and developers to document their ideas for Sahana Eden. Its a good way for users to engage with the Sahana Eden community communicate their needs.

System Administrators

System Administrators are essential for deployments of Sahana Eden. They also help us manage the servers where websites, wikis and demos are hosted. The system administration team has the opportunity to develop their skills while assisting the community.


Translators can help to make Sahana Eden more accessible by translating it into multiple languages.


Designers can help to make Sahana Eden more usable by adding a clear graphics, layout and icons to improve the user experience.

GIS Experts

GIS Experts can provide data and tools to improve GIS functionality in Sahana Eden, to ensure that key geographical knowledge is available.