Sahana Eden

Sahana Software Foundation

Sahana Eden is a project of the Sahana Software Foundation (SSF), which is dedicated to the mission of saving lives by providing information management solutions  that enable organizations and communities to better prepare for and respond to disasters. SSF provides different software tools to supplement the the process of disaster mitigation and response. SSF provides governance and direction to the Eden project among others.

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The SSF is supported by members who have contributed and continue to support the to SSF's projects. These members include:

  • Disaster Management practitioners who have used Sahana software tools.
  • Commercial companies that develop and support Sahana software.
  • Academics who use Sahana software in teaching and research.
  • Volunteer software developers, translators, testers and others.

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SSF runs SahanaCamps to bring disaster management and relief professionals together with software deployers and developers to explore the use of Sahana software through simulations and participatory discussions. SahanaCamps also provide technical training for software developers wanting to deploy or contribute to the Sahana Software Foundation. SahanaCamps have been held in India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal and the USA.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) allows college and university students to learn professional software development skills and develop code that will be used in live products. SSF has participated in the Google Summer of Code internship program every year since 2006. Experienced SSF software developers mentor the students to provide a rich learning experience.

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Google Code-in

Google Code-in (GCI) is a program to give high school students the opportunity to participate in open source projects. SSF participated in the 2010 and 2011 Google Code-in, in which students from all over the world completed small tasks including testing, code reviews, bug fixing, translation, and writing documentation.

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